Human Resources

 VOYA Life Insurance

Frequently Used Forms:
   Basic-Supp Life and LTD Enrollment Form
   Basic Plan A or B Enrollment Form (to be used for employees who Waive the standard plan)
   PAI Enrollment for All (AD&D)
   Retireee Supplemental Life Enrollment Form Continuation of Employee Benefits

   Basic Life Insurance Plan Document

   Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Document

Enrollment at a Glance Brochure:
   Enrollment at a Glance - A Guide to Your Plan Basics

Evidence of Insurance Instructions
   EOI Instructions

   Evidence of Insurability - SECC

Long Term Disability Insurance
   Plan Document

Travel Assistance
   Security When You Travel

Employee and Spouse Supplemental Life Insurance Rates
    Age              Monthly Cost per $1,000 of Coverage


Under 30 $0.05
30-34 $0.061
35-39 $0.067
40-44 $0.092
45-49 $0.139
50-54 $0.226
55-59 $0.391
60-64 $0.45
65-69 $0.791
70-74 $1.43
75 + $2.06