Human Resources



Southeastern California Conference Employees,

We are pleased to announce that we have now moved our Aflac

enrollment to an online platform. You are able to view most available benefits,
rates and apply for coverage. The following link is the AFLAC products that you can review with cost.

The products offered online are:
1. Short Term Disability
2. Accident
3. Cancer
4. Specified Health Event

We are also offering a Critical Illness benefit that is

If you would like assistance please contact:

Hakim Crosby
(619) 806-5071

Clifton Stewart
(818) 620-7722

Thelma Sanchez
(619) 882-4403

Nikki Branson
(858) 531-7513

Aflac individual accident video:

Aflac individual cancer video:

Aflac Individual Short-Term Disability video: